I grew up in Minnesota & North Dakota. I am now living in Nebraska. With that background – even though I have never lived on a working farm – it’s impossible not to take an interest in agriculture. Everything about it intrigues me.

The pictures of the steam “traction engines” were taken at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers’ Reunion. Every Labor Day weekend this group puts on a massive display of life as it was when steam powered just about everything. The reunion is held just outside of Rollag, MN. They have built a complete village from the steam era. there is a working steam powered sawmill, a steam shovel, a steam powered threshing operations, a railroad, and of course, lots of steam tractors. Each afternoon during the reunion they have a parade through main street where restorers have an opportunity to show off their pride-and-joy.

I amazes – and saddens – me to think that the better farmers are at what they do, the less they are rewarded. We eat because of the efforts of our farmers.