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Coca-Cola & the Olympics

This photo was taken at the local Walmart. The Coca-Cola dealership built this display to honor and publicize the Summer Olympic Games that start very soon in London, England. One of the store clerks said 3 delivery people spent 3 … Continue reading

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Northern Cardinal Pair

This pair of Northern Cardinals will most likely never meet for real, but thanks to digital technology, I have been able to pair them up in this photo. The female on the left was photographed at a family member’s home … Continue reading

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Updates Have Been Made

Just to let you know…. I have added to the “Birds Gallery” and I have added a submenu item under “Things” – “Silly Signs.” Thank you for your continuing interest in my galleries. I hope you have a fabulous week. … Continue reading

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A Last Resort

I couldn’t resist – OK? I’m not sure I could make a go of it if I were to sell Root Beer Floats at my Last Resort. Maybe a smile would increase sales.  A more friendly dog too (Great Pyrenees). … Continue reading

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NM Landscape

On a recent work trip to the Alamogordo, NM, area Kathy & I spent one weekend visiting petroglyph sites north of the city. The artwork of early inhabitants is amazing – amazing the detail – amazing that they still exist. … Continue reading

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Running Through the Sprinkler

To say it has been hot here lately may be an understatement. The heat index was between 103 & 108 degrees most of last week. This picture may give you some idea of what affect the heat can have – … Continue reading

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Red Fox

     I watched as this Red Fox browsed the buffet that our hosts had set out. I was on the level-2 deck watching this fella search the back yard for a snack. While he was searching he was accompanied … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday, America! What a fabulous day! It’s a chance to celebrate, remember, and be thankful for all of the freedoms and blessings we enjoy in the United States of America. I hope you have a wonderful – and safe … Continue reading

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