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Fall Color

The high winds the last several days have completely stripped the trees of their colorful leaves. The trees are bare now. While the leaves were not as colorful this year because of the severe drought in Nebraska, what color there … Continue reading

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Let the Winds Blow

Drive for an hour in any part of Nebraska and you will likely see at least one Windmill. Most are installed in the middle of fields to pump water into tanks for grazing cattle. (Sidebar: Today there are a number … Continue reading

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Roots of Determination

One of our stops in Yellowstone was at the Lower Falls in Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon. As we walked along the pathway to “Artists’ Point” I noticed this scene. I don’t know how long this tree has been here – quite … Continue reading

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You Can’t Catch Me

Equal time! My Grandson’s picture has already been posted. It would be terrible if Grandpa (a.k.a. “Papa Dick”) didn’t give equal time to my Granddaughter. So… With a pile of rocks between me and Cora, a game of Hide-and-Seek was … Continue reading

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“Old Faithful”

When you hear “Yellowstone National Park,” the image that comes to mind first is “Old Faithful.” Old Faithful is a geyser within sight of the Old Faithful Inn. Brochures indicate that “Old Faithful” erupts about 20 times per day and … Continue reading

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Yellowstone River

Yellowstone seems to have just about every landscape type – mountains, rivers, meadows, forests, canyons, hot springs, geysers, volcanos. It is just fabulously amazing to drive around the park. What a national treasure. Kathy & I stopped at the “Brink … Continue reading

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Mmmm-Mmmm Good

One thing for sure – There are LOTS of Buffalo in Yellowstone! Today is a dreary, cloudy, drizzly day here in NE so I am at my desk working through the large collection of shots from our Wyoming trip. As … Continue reading

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I See You!

Kathy & I had a fabulous few days in September when we joined up with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids. We stayed in a rented condo just outside of the Grand Teton National Park. One of the days we drove … Continue reading

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