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Teal we meet again …

I had a couple of new visitors to the beach this week. Two Blue-winged Teal stopped by. They definitely were not habituated to humans. Normally whenever I walk out on our deck the birds either head toward me in search … Continue reading

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Watcha lookin’ at?

While birds are my preferred subjects, there are just enough squirrels in our yard to entice me, once in awhile to put down my slingshot, and pick up the camera. Don’t worry, I don’t shoot to harm, mame, or kill … Continue reading

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New Kids …

We have “new kids” on our block – or should I say beach. More precisely, I should say we have two new goslings on our beach. just a couple of days ago we noticed a pair of Canada Geese on … Continue reading

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Up in the Sky…

The Bald Eagle is my most favorite bird! Growing up I dreamed of being able to see just one Bald Eagle. Now I see them a few times a month in my own yard – or at least in our … Continue reading

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Kathy & I finally had some free time to make our annual Sandhill Crane viewing trip to the Grand Island-Kearney Nebraska area of the Platte River. So many things had been going on around the house this spring that we … Continue reading

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Flamingos & Shrimp

Sunday was our first outing in the boat this season. A mild winter meant an early ice melt so we retrieved the boat from winter storage early. We were cruising the lake with friends when we passed 10-12 plastic flamingos … Continue reading

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