Can You See Me Now?

En route to The Smoky Mountains last month Kathy & I stopped in Columbia, Missouri, for the night. Prior to getting to the hotel we stopped at the Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area near town and along the Missouri River.

It was approaching sunset so we got the nice warm, late afternoon light. The Turkey Vulture I showed in a previous post was also photographed at this location. There were lots of shore birds and a number of Great Blue Herons were out and about looking for an early dinner.

Most of the Herons were in the middle of the ponds, but as we were driving out of the area, Kathy stopped the car – she is my most excellent driver and spotter when we’re on the “hunt.” She excitedly pointed to the right of the car. I looked over and saw this “guy”. It was like he was playing “hide-and-seek.”

Herons are such beautiful birds and so graceful when they walk. They are so deliberate in where and how they step – especially when looking for their next meal. When they take off they are not so graceful until they get airborne.

This stop at the conservation area was a great way to end the day’s drive. After this excursion I didn’t even mind unloading the car and moving into the hotel room for the night.

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2 Responses to Can You See Me Now?

  1. Kathy Austin (Peschke) says:

    I REALLY like this one!!! Thanks for posting it

  2. Carol Mytych says:

    Good job spotting this one Kathy – Excellant photography Dick! Not only is the bird spectacular, but the background certainly lends to the whole effect!

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