I am blessed to have an office (I should say “Retirement Retreat”) that looks out over a lake, trees, and several bird feeders. The ongoing action is quite distracting – thank you! I love it! About a week ago I looked up from my computer to see this Sharp-shinned Hawk sitting on our deck railing about 12 feet away from me. This hawk was looking for lunch. We have a 10′ blue spruce about 15′ from where the hawk was sitting. He kept watching the tree (where the finches and juncos wait their turn at the feeders – and stay out of the reach of predators). When the hawk saw a bit of movement in the tree it would fly straight into the tree in search of food. It would then come back to the railing. The hawk did this for quite a while – long enough for me to get to my camera and make a few clicks. It actually came back the next day. Don’t know if lunch was ever served.

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