Mom & her babies

A few weeks ago Kathy & I were visiting friends about 30 miles south of us. They showed me a robin’s nest in one of the bushes right next to their front porch. Momma Robin was not around – coffee break? – so I carefully looked into the nest and saw 4 blue eggs. I was able to make a few clicks before mom returned to get back to tending her nest.

She didn’t mind too much that I took a few pictures of her on the nest – as long as I stayed an acceptable distance away and made no sudden moves. A week or so later, our friends called to tell us that 1 or 2 of the eggs had hatched. We made a trip down to see the new baby Robins.

I watched from the porch as Mom tended the nest and her babies, then she’d leave, and return with food for the young. I watched as she made several trips following this routine. On one of her outings for food, I moved close and made a few clicks of the babies – their eyes still not open. One of them must have sensed movement or something that suggested mom had returned so his mouth went wide open – to make sure mom didn’t miss :-).

I have not been back to check on their progress, but our friends  said the nest had slid down farther into the bush – babies gaining weight? – and had tipped a bit. Only 2 of the babies were visible. I hope the others and their mom are ok.

American Robin Nest-Triple

Nature is s0 marvelous. I wish this family well.

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