To all who have served…

Memorial Day is fast approaching. So much to think about, and be grateful for… In these turbulent times we must remember those who have given all so we could make it to this point. Also, be grateful for those who are serving to defend our country and its way of life.

Memorial Day is a time to remember and pay our respects to those who gave their all for us, AND it is a day to celebrate who we are and work to preserve our way of life.

May God continue to smile on all of us. God Bless America

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  1. Catherine Wibbels says:

    Enjoyed clicking and seeing a large version of the pictures. Very interesting and well-chosen. Our cool weather (low was 49° one nite) is changing to mid 90°s w/continued high humidity over the weekend. Ykk-k-k Love, Cathy

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