Well, it finally happened…

We finally received some serious snow fall. Recent storms left about 3″ of snow – most of the season so far. Then the sun came out, the wind finally calmed down, and it looks so beautiful outside. BUT, wind chill temperatures are in the -20 to -10 degrees. So, I have been staying close to the fireplace.

We usually see large numbers of birds at our feeders, but that’s not the case. I blame 3 cats that seem to have added our yard to their daily walk about. Yesterday, however, I saw a small number of Dark-eyed Juncos on our deck, in the pine tree and scratching for food under the feeders where the squirrels had made a mess.

Dark-eyed Junco Junco on the deckNow I’m on the lookout for more!!

All these cold temps have me thinking of warmer climes. Opening a box in the man cave that had not been opened since our move out of ND (2005) I came across photo albums, and prints from a previous life. I took these pictures when Kathy & I were in New Orleans in the 1990’s – before digital cameras were reasonably priced. We were staying near the French Quarter and would wander around this unique neighborhood.

RiverBoat SaxPlayer



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