Birds of a Different Feather

On a recent trip to Florida to stay with our Nephew, he, Kathy & I went to the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL. Spent most of the day wandering and looking at the fabulous collection of Naval Aviation History. Watched an IMAX movie, “The Mystery of Flight.” Had lunch in the “Cubi Cafe” – a reconstruction of the famous officer’s club at the naval base in the Philippines. There was a graduation going on while we were there. Naval & Marine officers, and their families, came in in the dress uniforms – we noticed they were not wearing wings. When we were getting ready to leave we saw many of the same officers leaving – this time they had Naval Wings of Gold. Congratulations. (It was only 46 years ago this June when I received my wings. WOW!!!!  Here is a sample of what we saw!

I was not aware that Snoopy was a Naval Aviator.

We want to go back to the National Museum of the USAF in Dayton, OH, as they have added a great deal since we were there last. Hard to believe we left Dayton back in 1991.

Growing Old is inevitable, Growing up is an option!!

God Bless, Be Safe and Stay Happy

Semper Paratus

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