Life with Max

Our family grew/changed on 7 Nov 2015. That is the day Kathy & I met, picked up, and brought home a 10-week old male Golden Doodle puppy. We named him “Max.” I have proposed a middle name – “Chewbacca” (actually it should be Chew-everything). This first set of pictures is at the kennel north of Oakland, NE… Max was 18# on this day. He just barely fit in the carrier we had.

We stopped in Omaha on the way to the airport to show off our new family member to Kathy’s cousins. They said they approved and wished us well with potty training…

The flight to Atlanta went smoothly. Kathy kept waking Max up when she would open the carrier to see if he was ok… Never a peep…

Nov 13th was Max’s first visit to the Vet. Got first set of shots and weighed in at 25.3#

At 13 weeks, Max found his way to our office. After some investigative sniffing, he laid down to rest until we would oblige and take him outside…

Friday, 4 Dec. Second visit to Vet. Max got the rest of his shots and his Rabies vaccine. He’s now up to 34#. Be fore long we will be sitting in his lap. Potty training at about 60%. Thank goodness we have mostly tile floors. At least he has started letting us sleep through the night. He loves the backyard and has claimed all the pine cones as his personal chew toys.

Max has been fed so he is sleeping now. I’m sure he will let us know his presence before the night is over and we’ll be off the the backyard. Thank goodness for strong flashlights and good batteries so we can keep track of him.

At 16 weeks we can start boarding him (boarding school). Thinking about a 2-week “boot camp.” While Max is away his mom & dad will play….

Time for a quick nap before he wakes up.

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