Fun in the sun…

… in Louisiana. As mentioned in the previous post, I was doing some bird photography around Lafayette, LA, a couple of weeks back while Kathy slaved away in a workshop – in air conditioned comfort!!

I went North, South, East & West from Lafayette. I went early in the morning and returned to air conditioned comfort in the hotel by noon. They were setting records for heat and humidity. I found a variety of birding locations – fields, drainage ditches, rookeries, streams. It was amazing to see all the different habitats.

If you look closely at the picture of multiple Great Egrets you will see one that is not white. This bird is a pale blue or gray. The normal coloring of a great Egret is white. I have (and still am seeking) sought expert input on identifying this bird. One of the Naturalists with the Nebraska Wildlife Commission thinks it might be caused by some degree of melanism. Others think it may just be in shadows. Your thoughts?

Dog sitting for a 2-yr old Doberman and she insists on going out RIGHT NOW. Bye.


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