Sound Advice…

Don't feed alligator signNow that is indeed “sound Advice!” Kathy & I have been in Lafayette, LA, for the past few days. Kathy is attending a project management workshop and I am attending to my Wildlife photography. This picture was snapped in the Palmetto State Park south of Lafayette. It is a beautiful park With cabins and tent camping, boating, and plenty of hiking trails. I did no hiking today as the heat index was 101 degrees around 10:30 AM.

I think most of the wildlife were in their respective air conditioned bunkers watching “The Price is Right.” Although, there may have been the occasional alligator lurking around in the area shown in the picture below.

Swamp areaOn my way down to the park I passed the Rip van Winkle Gardens. Another beautiful area, but I’m not much into walking through gardens when the temperature is in the upper 90s. I did stop along the entrance road to snap a couple of quick clicks of the Moss Oaks in the morning sunlight. Just awesome.

Moss Oak TreesThe one bird I was hoping to get some closeup pictures of – the Roseate Spoonbill – successfully hid from me the entire trip. Thought about a swamp tour. Talked with one of the tour captains. He said that January and February are the best times to take a tour as they have permission to go into the rookeries where one can see/photograph nesting birds, etc. So… another item goes into my Bucket List (I’m getting to the point where I have more “list” than I have “bucket!”).




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